A different kind of extraordinary.

Life as you have known it, can change in a split second. It will never be the same.

And just like that, YOU have another chance of creating a different kind of extraordinary!!!

While it may not feel like that right now. I can promise you, that all that is standing in the way of living a truly remarkable life – is you. Regardless of your brain injury, or any other challenge you face.

I understand only to well, the seemingly impossible task of a massive recovery. One that feels like it will be a long uphill battle that drags on, and on, and on, with no end in sight. It is easy to get swept up in feeling defeated, lost, lonely, bitter, angry , frustrated –  the list goes on. And, for a time, its ok to go through these emotions. You are human. It is a part of your healing journey.

Healing is just one aspect of a long road to recovery. Especially for people who have had moderate to severe trauma. It can change ones emotional and mental state, just as much (if not more) than the physical. It is known as the ‘hidden disability’ for many people, because it can affect ones behaviour, cognitive functions, their ability to communicate, emotional instability, impaired executive dysfunction, hormonal imbalances and memory – just to name a few!

It it a monumental recovery process on so many levels. But just like anything, it is possible to achieve great things, regardless of how hopeless the situation might feel to you now.

And it all starts with your mindset…

‘Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.’    Napoleon Hill

How does one create a strong mindset with the pieces of a very broken body and the now distant memories of a life that once was?

As I asked myself this very question, it was here that I discovered that through brain injury, life was giving me the opportunity to start over again. To create something of value to not only my life, but to the lives of others.

Your brain injury does not define you. It is simply a part of you. You get to choose how the rest of your story is written.

You see – you have  a unique opportunity to make something truly remarkable out of your brain injury. Something powerful. Something that gives your ‘new’ life meaning and purpose. Something that’s inspiring and empowering. Something that you can CHOOSE to create!

Your mindset determines the quality of your life after brain injury. You get to choose whether this will defeat you. Or whether this is a stepping stone to a greater version of yourself with a different twist. It all lies within how you choose to see your circumstances. And what you are willing to do, to make the absolute most out of your new life journey.

What do you choose?

Peace and Love,