About The Brain Injury Project

Our vision is to help improve the quality of life for those who have been affected by brain injury. We aim to do so by providing a rich source of information, resources and programs that help foster
a positive and empowered mindset, promote a healthy brain lifestyle and harness the power of a supportive and uplifting global community.

We wholeheartedly believe that your life can still be extraordinary after injury, regardless of the challenges you are faced with and we are committed to helping you create a life you absolutely love living, according to your own values and desires.

We aim to continue educating brain injury warriors and their respective support networks to bridge the gap in understanding, and facilitating lasting change.

We believe that an empowered brain can move mountains!!!


Rani’s Story

Rani Vincent grew up in a rural community in country New South Wales, and currently resides in Sydney.

She is no stranger to brain injury, having experienced three major haemorrhages to date, resulting in multiple surgeries.

Her first, from a sporting accident, resulted in the right side of her body being paralysed, serious speech difficulties, epilepsy, memory problems, learning difficulties, as well as loosing the majority of her memory of the first 9 years of her life, just to name a few.

Shortly after being discharged from hospital, she had her second haemorrhage -Resulting in much of the hard work in rehabilitation, coming undone.

For years after both events, her life was a blur of hospital visits, operations, specialist appointments and very regular therapy to regain and strengthen basic function.

She has come a long way since then – In her early 20’s, Rani developed a fierce passion for adventure sport. Her physical limitations don’t deter her– if anything, they make her more dertermined! She is an avid rock climber, snowboarder, mountain biker, free-diver and all-round adventurer.

In 2017, at age 30, she another major haemorrhage not long after she landed in Canada, for a snowboarding trip.

Rani’s other passion lies in using her scars, fierce determination and unstoppable attitude to help those who have been affected by brain injury – and thus, The Brain Injury Project was born.